Rucker Refurbishment Project

Art Direction, Graphic Design

As a rite of passage for growing players in NYC and one of the most notable courts of all time Rucker Park in Harlem NY is a staple. This urban playground is also the host to some of the most well known and iconic NBA players to ever touch a court. In collaboration with Rucker and Legends, The NBPA refurbished and remodeled the Greg Marius Court at Holcombe Rucker Park in Harlem. I provided art direction, ficilated court designs, colors, and physical branding moments for the grand reopening event. I worked collaboratively with our Grassroots Development team and Branding team to bring to life this new court officially open as of October 9th 2021.

With the remodel of this court, there was also episodic content coupled with the development that chronicles the future legends of Rucker Park. This is a story of the past, present and future of NYC Parks’ legendary court in Harlem, NY. The series will bridge the courts iconic past and future by featuring talented and rising high school hoopers, providing them with the opportunity to make their mark and leave a personal legacy.




Rucker Legends

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