The Compelling Show Visual
Platnium selling super producer Metro Boomin is responsible for creating countless hit records and energetic anthems that many enjoy everyday. As a staple in Hip-Hop and pop culture, his energetic approach to music is often praised as something that helped shape the sound of modern day Hip-Hop. Contracted by Metro Boomin and his team, I created stage visuals that capture the essence of his personal brand and that overall vibe he brings to the table.​​​​​​​  

The Challenge:
Create compelling visuals for stage usage. Something personal-able, dynamic and scalable.

The Concept:
Metro Boomin's personal brand is centered around his wordmark and a reddish orange color. The wordmark is personable and dynamic while the reddish orange could be a representation of a flame, an intense free flowing versatility.

The Design:
To craft such a marriage of concepts, I infused both the flame and wordmark together. Using a combination of Photoshop and After effects, I create a focused visually dynamic motion graphic piece. 

The Result:
The piece was unveiled during "The Best Day Ever" music festival alongside many other high profile brand activations and was so successful that it was picked up for usage during his main US tour that year.

CLIENT: Metro Boomin
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